Amitesh Kaur Memorial Lecture

amiteshIn memory of Amitesh Kaur, the family has partnered with the Jakara Movement to inaugurate an annual Memorial Lecture that will highlight some of the areas that Amitesh Ji was passionate about including: Sikhi, Sikh women, the realization of the role of women in Sikhi, and social justice.

This year, we are humbled to announce that Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh will be delivering the lecture.

Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh is the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies and Crawford Family Professor at Colby College. She has published extensively in the field of Sikhism. Professor Nikky Singh was born in India, and came to attend Stuart Hall, a Girls’ Preparatory School in Virginia. She received her BA in Philosophy and Religion from Wellesley College, her MA from the University of Pennsylvania, and her Ph.D. from Temple University. Over the years she has received many awards including Phi Beta Kappa, Durant Scholar, Best Paper, Daughters of the American Revolution Award, Outstanding Young Women of America Award, a Senior Fellow at Harvard University, and Fellowship from Punjabi University. She has received many honors from the Sikh community for her distinguished scholarship. She serves as a trustee for the American Institute for Indian Studies, and as Co-Chair of the Sikh Studies Section of the American Academy of Religion. She is on the editorial board of the History of Religions.

Past Speakers include:

  • Dr. Cynthia Mahmood, Professor at the University of Notre Dame
  • Dr IJ.Singh – Sikh Women Anchored or Adrift