25 Feb 2011

On Parking, Passes, and Classrooms

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Where to Buy A Parking Pass?

From Mission Blvd., you will turn to enter the campus from Harder Road up the hill. At the stop sign on Harder Road and West Loop Road, you will find a kiosk on your right hand side. The cost for a weekend permit is $5.

Where to Park?

Traveling on West Loop Road immediately past Harder Road on your left hand side will be a parking lot. You can either park on West Loop Road on the left or right side (look at designated signs) or in Parking Lot B located on the left side. It is a Faculty/Staff parking lot, but all can park there with valid permit on the weekend.

How to Find the Building and Room Number?

The building is Meiklejohn and is a large brick building. It is the building most near the intersection of West Loop Road/Harder Road. The classroom is MEIKLEJOHN 2064. Meiklejohn is a square building and the rear classroom entrance can be found on the side facing Hardman Road.

Again a map can be downloaded here.  Meiklejohn is the building on the bottom right corner on the campus map.

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