13 Sep 2009

Call for Papers

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“Sikhs in the World”
February 20th, 2010
Stanford University

The Sikholars: Sikh Graduate Student Conference seeks to bring Sikhs and non-Sikhs working on Sikh-related issues to an annual conference that unites a breadth of graduate expertise. From academia, to health, law, and business entrepreneurship, the conference will bring together a wide array of disciplines and scholarly interests to create an institutionalized channel to present papers on research, and informal circuits or networks for continued discussion. Inviting submission of abstracts, the two-day conference elicits proposals on various aspects of Sikh economic, political, health, cultural, and social life.

Purpose of the Conference:

Informal professional associations have already been founded within the Sikh community, but are mainly confined to networking. Academic conferences, related to Sikh Studies already occur, but the ideas put forth are generally confined to a narrow audience that engage in these issues, but are not necessarily linked or concerned with the Sikh community’s general welfare. The Sikholars: Sikh Graduate Student Conference does not aim to replicate these efforts, but rather to create a truly innovative and imaginative conference. By bringing together promising students in a truly multi-disciplinary fashion, we seek to incubate promising research by engaging various activists and scholars in the community together.

Sikholars: Sikh Graduate Student Conference invites papers for a conference to be held in the Stanford University on February 20th, 2010.  Travel grants, hotel accomodations, and necessary arrangements will be rewarded to all authors of accepted papers.

The scope of the conference is global; papers may concentrate on particular localities or regions, or they may present cross-regional comparisons and convergences. We encourage submissions from a broad range of disciplines, methodologies, and perspectives.  All topics are open – from medicine, to law, to history, sociology, and all Sikh-related topics in-between.

Proposals for individual papers should be no more than 500 words in length and may be sent by email, with a current CV, to info@sikholars.org or uploaded at the conference website, www.sikholars.org.  Selected papers may be published.

Submission Deadline:  Please submit abstracts by November 15, 2009 DEADLINE extended to November 30, 2009.

Please send all inquiries to info@sikholars.org.

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